Distinctly Christian

As a Christian classical school, we approach the educational endeavor with a robust view of humanity, the history of ideas, and the impact an intentional education can have on students, families, and the broader community.

At The Cambridge School, we believe there are two essential truths that undergird a Christian education and 5 principles that permeate all aspects of our curriculum: First, we view and teach students to understand and know God as Creator. As such, He is the source behind all subject matters and the one who holds knowledge of all things. This truth permeates every class. Secondly, we see the saving work of Jesus Christ as the central truth in the Bible and human history. We purposely teach this Gospel message and encourage students and families to have a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

Additionally, we believe a distinctly Christian education should place special emphasis on the following:

We honor the Lordship of Jesus Christ over all things. We acknowledge that all truth, all beauty, all goodness—everything in all creation—was created by Him, reflects Him, is sustained by Him and exists for Him. His Lordship has personal and universal applications that are explored in our classrooms.
We teach from a rich curriculum that communicates and is held together by an orthodox, biblical view of the world. We seek to train all students to think clearly, biblically and persuasively in a culture that has abandoned a Christian worldview.
We apply Biblical truth to all of life so that the heart and mind of a student quickened by the Holy Spirit, might know God, love Him, and enjoy Him. We teach students to know and love the Word of God as the source of wisdom and the words of life.
We strive to do everything with vigor and industry, as an act of worship with all our heart, mind and strength. We endeavor to teach students to live with this mentality.
While we are not a church, nor are we related to one specific church, we believe a Christian education cannot be given in relational isolation. Therefore, we work in partnership with parents to train students in issues of character, morality, spiritual formation and all manners of godliness. We also practice biblical peacemaking as we seek to not only have professional integrity in our relationships, but also dependence as Christian brothers and sisters.

Finally, we hope to nurture young people who have a genuine love of learning, who are encouraged to live as vibrant Christians in their various callings, and who can articulate and defend the Christian message with clarity, creativity and conviction.


See Our Embodied Education In Action

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