A unique educational experience in the Christian classical tradition where students engage thoughtfully & virtuously with the history of ideas and contemporary complexities alongside scholar-teachers.

Christian Classical K-Prep – 12th Grade

The Search

Finding a school where a child can flourish can too often seem an impossible task. Families want an environment where their children are known by their teachers as individual learners and are supported by a community of likeminded families with the same hopes for an upcoming generation marked as much by their intellect and ability as they are by their wisdom and virtue.

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Since its founding, The Cambridge School has stood as a unique community of people passionate about pursuing a holistic education concerned with the education of the whole child.

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Either / Or

Why should parents have to choose between education marked by Academic Rigor or one pursuing Virtue?

Challenges With Educational Options

In the search for the right school, families may find a school that offers the academic rigor they desire, but too often those schools can approach students mechanistically - as information receptacles that respond to formulaic pedagogy. Likewise, schools that might be especially concerned about the moral development of a child overlook the importance of intellectual maturation.

In the end, students grow up without the wisdom to apply what they’ve learned thoughtfully and charitably or without an adequate knowledge base to dialogue with the many competing voices around them - despite their earnestness and zeal.

The Both/And Solution

The Cambridge School is a community of learners who think the choice between academic rigor and character formation is a false one and one that no family should have to make. As a Christian classical school, we approach the educational endeavor with a robust view of humanity, the history of ideas, and the impact an intentional education can have on students, families, and the broader community.

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Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind that our qualified faculty delight in knowing your students as well as they know their subjects.


Confidence that our students uniquely benefit from a time-tested educational model.


Assurance that a Cambridge education is right for your family.

A Cambridge education breeds confidence and peace of mind: confidence that each student is valued as a human in need of intentional cultivation and care; confidence that our qualified faculty are enthusiastically engaged in the purposeful development of virtuous learners with an unquenchable intellectual curiosity; confidence that our students will be able to learnedly and winsomely interact with the complex world that surrounds them with nuance, integrity, and grace; the peace of mind that a Cambridge education is what your family has been looking for.

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Meet Ivy

Meet Ivy

Wondering What The Lateral Entry Process Is Like At Cambridge?

Ivy is the mother of 3 students here at The Cambridge School. She has a Kindergarten student, a 6th grader, and 9th grader. Ivy and her family just moved to San Diego from Illinois 3 months ago. They are new to Cambridge and have experienced the ‘Lateral Entry’ process with their older students. I sat down with Ivy to hear her Cambridge story. Here is what Ivy had to say.
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